Future Forum on “Value of freedom”

on May 10 and 11, 2024

A new approach

Russia’s full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine not only caused unspeakable suffering, but also triggered a new debate about the value of freedom, social responsibility and resilience. A growing number of citizens are getting involved in decentralized movements, guided by European values such as justice, solidarity and the right to free self-determination.

The aim of the Future Forum Dresden is to bring together the different levels of social, political and cultural initiatives in a new approach and to strengthen the various movements in synergy through a joint platform.

By bringing science, politics and civil society closer together, there is an opportunity to increase mutual understanding and learn from each other on an equal footing in a European context.

Topics of the forum

  • Values for resilience
  • Economy, economic cooperation
  • Culture and art
  • Education and training
  • History of Eastern Europe, in particular Ukraine
  • Resilient democracy of citizens and state
  • Disinformation and hybrid war
  • Security and defense
  • Visions of the future for a common Europe

Civic Movements

Of particular importance here is the link with the numerous civic movements that have emerged in recent years as a reaction to the threat to fundamental European values.

In this context, one can recognize approaches that were already successfully implemented in the citizens’ movement in the GDR. In this sense, the Future Forum is also committed to the tradition of resilient citizens’ movements in Eastern Europe:

The foundations laid in the 1980s are more relevant today than ever. Further broad social integration can make it possible to develop these revitalized movements into a persistent instrument of civil society resilience.

people discussing

Participants and target group

The first Future Forum “Value of Freedom” in Dresden is intended to be a starting point for a broad social debate. We therefore hope to attract as many participants as possible from Germany and abroad:

  • Citizens and citizens’ movements
  • Authorities and public officials
  • Science and institutions
  • Business and associations
  • Education and training sector
  • NGOs and aid organizations
  • Military and security agencies
  • Social media and journalism
  • Artists and cultural professionals

Dresden – a new center

Due to its location in the border triangle with Poland and the Czech Republic, Saxony has always been the focus of important transformation processes – from the Soviet occupation to the problematic processing of the period of German reunification and the eastward expansion of EU and NATO.

The conference venue will be the Haus an der Kreuzkirche in Dresden’s city center. The premises offer a suitable setting for the various planned formats such as lectures, panel discussions and background talks, as well as readings and musical contributions.

Kreuzkirche Dresden

Here we are close to the Kreuzkirche, the historic site in the city that was the preferred meeting place for GDR opposition activists in 1989 and the starting point for public demonstrations for freedom and democracy.

German and Ukrainian Flag shaking hands

The Future Forum Dresden builds on Dresden’s character as a mediator between “old” and “new” Europe and focuses on the mediating role of values such as democracy, openness to the world and freedom.

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